Monday, February 1, 2010

Food and fun

On Friday I went for Chinese food with the girls at work. My fortune cookie said "your perserverance will soon pay off". I hope that that means what I think it means!! On Saturday Brian and I went out to dinner with another couple. We went to this neat restaurant that serves interesting burgers and pizzas. I had a burger with blue cheese and bacon. It sure was yummy. We then went to a Blue Rodeo concert. It was a blast and our seats were great. I've been a huge fan of Blue Rodeo since I was 12. I've seen them six or seven times in concert and they get better every time.

Mom and I are booked to fly to Halifax in early March to go to the Brier. The Brier is a Canadian curling championship. The curling is fantastic and a few nights away in a hotel will be a lovely break. We're away for 5 nights and I'm off work for 4 days. Hooray!!!!


Patricia & Yan said...

Woaw!! I wish I could have one of those fortune cookies!! :)

Hope that message will be realize soon for you guys!!

Patriciaxx (14 month of waiting time :)

Allison Family said...

Have fun!!! I love fortune cookie fortunes and hope yours come true very soon!!!

Tam-A-Roo said...

I hope your fortune comes true for you VERY soon!!

Enjoy your trip to the Brier! It'll be a nice distraction and a nice holiday.

Anonymous said...

I love Blue Rodeo, but have never gotten to see them, even though they come here almost every year.

Hope your fortune cookie comes true very soon.

Krista said...

I hope your fortune comes true very soon as well! The same thing happened to me on a dove chocolate wrapper before we traveled; I can't remember exactly what it said, but I remember thinking I was going to take it as a good sign. :-)

I hope you have a great trip to Halifax as well. We'll only be 2.5 hours away from each other!